The centripetal focus around my practice is the experience of space, both mentally and physically. I’m interested in architecture’s ability to evoke, compel, and empathize and through that interest I construct my own metaphysical, labyrinthine spaces, in an emotive fashion referential to Piranesi. A fundamental part of my work is the dichotomies that are within; a sensitivity of touch with moments of aggression and boldness, a feeling of liminality while being grounded, where the gestural and natural meet the structural and are obliterated, in a space that is both navigable but inescapable.


b. Orlando, FL 1992
Currently residing in New York, New York 



2016-2019        MFA in Drawing, Hunter College, New York, NY 

2014                 BFA in Drawing, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL



2016                 Estrutura, Superfun Site at Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL

2015                 Tecumseh Valley, Superfun Site at Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL

                         Sweltering Misery Pt. 1, Superfun Site at Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL

                         Threadpit and Friends, Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL


2014                 Creature, Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL 

                         Distorted Realities, The Wooly, Gainesville, FL

​                         Mass 4, The Wooly, Gainesville, FL
                         Unjuried Show, Convergence Gallery, Gainesville, FL
                         Teaser, Warphaus, Gainesville, FL

2013                 Quarantined, Reitz Gallery, Gainesville, FL
                         Unconventional Portraiture, Convergence Gallery, Gainesville, FL 
                         Narrative Strategies Showcase, Warphaus, Gainesville, FL
                         Just Cats, Reitz Gallery, Gainesville, FL



2015                Gallery Protocol Intern, Gainesville, FL

2014-2016       Artist Assistant to Lisa Iglesias, Gainesville, FL

2014                FLA Gallery Intern, Gainesville, FL




2014                 The Rita McTigue O'Connell Scholarship

2010-2014         Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL