This large-scale drawing, titled Death Church (after anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni's 1983 album),  acquires an ominous and grimy essence out of architecture that is opulent and grandiose, with infiltrations of geometric, Modernist forms and black voids. Working on a translucent and plastic surface allows the spatial construction to be built from layers of lines, washes, and drips. The drips in themselves become a form of infrastructure. Physically, the space alludes to the dismantling of institutions or a crumbling dystopian society, the infiltration of Modernism in Western cities and its disjunction, and the placement of your body in a paradoxical world with many access points and paths but no clear way out. Psychologically, the space evokes disorientation, displacement, or loss of reality, anxiety, claustrophobia; negative emotions inherent in the human psyche, that most can empathize with on varying levels.



Death Church (Alternate View)